Hi forum users, I sent this email to Miller tech and am waiting a response, hope you will weigh in too.

I went to my local esab/miller dealer and got an answer i don't believe.
I have an esab 350mpi and just picked up a used miller spoolmatic 30a spoolgun. My dealer said there is no way to connect the two and rec'd a
new power source and gun....hmmm.

your 30a manual shows it plugging directly into a 115v ac power source
outlet, which is what my esab puts out its feeder plug receptacle. can your spoolgun run off my power source if i make/purchase a plug to run the ac power
to the correct plug sleeves- the 350mpi has a switch to switch contactor control between on-off / always on on the front of the machine. Does the gun care in the contactor is always on - i realise this could be a safety issue if the user was unawares.

lastly, what is the input voltage of the 30a spoolgun? your manual does not list it.