The product miller Tig 165

Here is the question what prevents any of the weld craft 17 air cooled series torches from being used on this welder. Isn't the gas connection in the handle the same size?

I ask this because I think I'd like to put a torch on with a flexible cup head. I have figured out that I can rotate the ls-17 cup to change the work angle, but would like a bit more flexibility. I realize a foot control will be necessary with another torch.

For instance could I install a type like this on the 165, if not please educate me as to why.

WeldCraft 366-WP-17F-25-R Wc Wp-17F-25-R Tig Torch

could this be used; Weldcraft 17F Amp Air Cooled Flexible Head

What do these numbers tell me about the torch?

WP-17F-25-R Wc Wp-17F-25-R

Final question, gas lens how do I figure out the size needed for the ls -17 or for that matter any torch?

My understanding at this moment is that cups, collets are a specific size that is determined by the tungsten being used. This I get, I do not want some kit been there done that. Somehow kits always give one a bunch of unusable items. I do not mind buying the individual parts I will need and use.

So far the most confusion about the TIG are all about the torch and consumables and I am working on that.

Thanks in advance for any information I may receive on the torch thing.

best regards,