I've got a Syncrowave 300 that I'm looking to put up for sale. Problem is that while trying to compare prices I'm finding numbers that are all over the map! Now, I know that different options and what not, but even looking at similar models as mine are coming up with quite a variation. Here's what I've got:


Like I said... a big, old 300. The serial number is HJ124373 so it puts it from 1978. It has a pulser (that works awesome), recently rebuilt foot control, ground and positive cable, and is wired for 220v. I used it mostly for TIG and I used a WP20 and a homemade cooler... not including it with the sale though. As far as condition, I put it in really good condition but it looks a little goofy because someone tried to repaint the control panel at some point. I've kept it clean by taking the covers off twice a year to blow everything out.

The numbers I'm finding are anywhere from about $900 to $2500. I haven't found any for sale locally and my local welder suppliers have given me numbers from $1000 to $2000. Should I just start in the middle and hope for the best? Anyhow, thanks everyone for any input.