Hey bought a miller 211 with MVP a few weeks ago, needed a good hobby welder to work on a VW dune buggy i'm building. So far I have only used the welder on 110v and it has done nothing but exceed my expectations. Finally got around to dropping a 220/230 outlet in the garage (NEMA 6-50) plugged it in.... flipped the switch... nothing...... now I have a maintenance degree, and I have wired up a hand full of 220 outlets... it's not exactly rocket science. Decided to check the voltages coming out of the box.... can't find my **** voltmeter, think i left it at the shop in town... but found my volt snooper, well better than nothing I guess.

Power to the outlet on both sides, connections check out at the breakers, neutral hooked up properly.....Well (*&#%^!!!!.......

Now I had the Welder Gun/Lead laying on my workbench, and I just happened to lay my Volt Snooper on the lead, AND THE FREAKIN' THING STARTS BEEPING AT ME!!!!! ... Well **** this has got my curiosity up.... So i Plug the 110v mvp plug back on, and plug it in, turn on the welder.. Welder turns on, put the volt snooper to the gun lead..... nothing...... So I put the 220 Mvp plug back on, flip it in the on position, doesn't turn on... but the Volt Snooper senses Voltage at the gun lead again????

This has me absolutely Perplexed to a magnitude that I cannot explain without using words most likely frowned upon by the forum administrator.... I'm having my neighbor (the electrician) come over tomorrow and check out the power coming into the box just to make sure nothing is wrong on that side of things, but other than something like that the only thing I can think of is my new welder has a faulty circuit board in it.

Please Help.