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I think if you locate Relays CR1 and CR2 you will find one of them (more than likely CR1) is your "buzzer"...

Take a look in the Resource section on this site for your machine manual and wiring schematics and you will also find the location of those two relays in the parts section of the manual. They should be very close to one another.

Good luck!

Is this it? sorry about my horrid paint skills, ha.

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Well, your vids never worked for me anyways. And since no tech is there to look at it, all we cn do is throw out suggestions. You want it fixed take it to a repair center. Could be a relay, could be a failed contactor. If you have zero electrical knowledge, us suggesting things is is little useless. However if you know someone handy in such things. Have him post here then we can easily figure it out.
I'll get it figured out I think. I do appreciate your help though buddy.