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    Default Mig welding / Washing in Tig pass

    Are there any structural concerns with mig welding 304 stainless and then washing it in with a tig pass? We are welding 2-3/4" diameter x .083 wall tubing.


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    You probably won't like the results. I believe it will end up like a students weld, meaning looks great from outside but no penetration. I have seen people try and mig weld pipes before, they usually end up leaking because of trying to control heat input, angle, mig settings in general. Tig washing won't help you out because the mig buildup will be a lot for you to smooth out on the side that counts. Plus the heat input you put into the joint will probably cause distorting and excessive stress. If it were thicker/large diameter, it might be able to handle the heat and not be a problem.

    Are you trying to fill a rather large joint and then have a clean appearance? Speed? Only 1 good tig welder on a large job?

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