Hi all,

I have a decent idea of what I need to adjust but would like to get your feedback from experience. Spent some time over the holiday playing with my new MM211 and had a little wire jamming here and there. Adjusted the tension roller a bit - and plan on checking it's at the 'starting point of "3"' per the manual later. What do you recommend/find for an .030 wire on 1/8" or 1/4" pieces - run on auto set as well as manual (can't see a diff). I had an odd issue where the gun had come out of the machine a bit - must have not tightened that down enough during initial setup - corrected.

General questions - using a flux core/gasless for right now - will the junk/spatter that builds up in the nozzle and general heat add to some jamming/wire feed stops? The NOZ dip - recommended? After a few jams/corrections I set the machine away more so the cable was straight as possible - not that it was coiled up to begin. Also made sure the spool knob wasn't cranked down to pinch the wire roll and it was free spinning.

Planning on dropping off a 40# tank for C25 fill this week - while at GTS-Welco will pick up some NOZ dip - anything else recommended while I'm at a legitimate supply store?

Thanks alll,