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I gave the " building the stove for the shop" alot of thought, how to do it, what thickness steel ect. Then it popped into my head, this could be a problem if there was ever a fire, a home built stove is not ul approved, if you ever had a fire, this really opens the door for an insurance adjuster to find a way as to not pay a claim. There are tons of used stoves out there, better yet, call your insurance people and run it by them
I too, wanted to build and use a stove in my home. I pored over my insurance policy with my broker who sent a question to the underwriters. Response was that no claim would be satisfied if there was no inspection by my local building department. Local building department sez your stove MUST be EPA certified or no favorable inspection. I did inquire about getting my home build EPA certified. Good luck with that. If you are LUCKY it will cost $500K (that's right 1/2 million $)

I bet that 90% of the welders on this site could build a safe relatively clean burning stove (cept maybe that guy that wants to burn moss, just kidding)

I so glad that I have the federal government in my life.

If there was a "Post Icon" that showed the face of a person that had just eaten some "kitty roca" I would use here!

I would urge all that want build a stove to do your own local research!

I even heard that the EPA was going after Santa cause he was emitting "noxious gases" when he was in the chimney, and that those gases hadn't been tested.