Hey everybody,

I've done a fair bit of mild steel welding but now I am making an aluminium project for the first time. I'm making a ski bike, it will be a bit like a north legion smx if anyone is interested.

I will be buying 6082 box section aluminium and it comes in a T6 condition. I know from my research that this type of aluminium will lose a lot of its strength when welded so I should get it heat treated to get it back to T6 condition.

But here is my problem, as I said earlier the metal will already be in T6 and when I weld it only a small part of the aluminium will lose its T6 temper, is it possible to heat treat to aluminium normally without changing the metal that is already in T6 condition?

Sorry if my wording is a bit hard to understand, I tried my best but if you dont understand the question please say.

Thanks for the help