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    Quote Originally Posted by weldonwelding
    Ohh and also millermatic 180 is 240v. Again know your facts...
    LOL...Reading comprehension isn't one of your strong suites is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dipsomaniac View Post
    Do you see the issue with this machine? How many people that only have 120VAC can supply 30amps through their outlets?
    Quote Originally Posted by weldonwelding View Post
    People that actually have welding to do. This machine is definetly not the "homeowners" machine. The price tag proves that. Thats not my point though. The point is this machine is 120v 140amp 100% duty cycle. My friend that owns the one i used had to install a separate receptacle for it... because of it being 30amp.
    Most people that have real welding needs, such as a fab shop welding with metal thicker than 1/8", will not be using 120v welder. I think this is really a pointless argument. If Miller wanted to make a 120v welder with 100% duty cycle at 140amps, they certainly could do it. What good is this 100% duty cycle when you can't find a 30 amp 120v plug?
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    Ill take a miller 211 over this machine anyday. Its like having a jet but no runway useless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nfinch86 View Post
    100% Duty Cycle @ what amperage ?
    I've never seen any mig welder with 100% duty cycle !

    Define your amperage needs and you can buy 100% duty cycle.

    Need 150 Amps at 100% duty cycle?

    Miller makes that machine it is called the Millermatic 252

    Need 130 Amps at 100% duty cycle?

    Miller makes that machine, it is called the Millermatic 212

    There are plenty of 100% duty cycle welders out there, just not 100% at their max output is all.

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    I wouldnt doubt snappy is being a little generous with their ratings. Its interesting to see that many actually work, its a crap shoot of about 50-50, seen some of their stuff work great, next machine never does work right.

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    This whole thread is way off point.... no you dont need 100% duty with a 250 amp machine... but with the 140 amp machine you do. I overheat my 180 quite a bit and its not even turned halfway up. Overall miller doesnt even make a machine to compare to the muscle mig, a 110v machine with a feeder and features like spot and stitch are made for more of a body shop or someone without 220v capability. With the millermatic 140 u may be able to weld 14ga continuous but with the snap on you can weld 1/4 continuous. If any of you are welders you will comprehend.... if not so be it.

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    I know you didn't ask but my thought would be that Miller makes their machines geared to the end user. A 110v mig is mostly bought by hobbiests or body shop/guys who would never need 100% duty cycle. If they needed something more robust they could step up to a larger machine. I assume this also helps keep the cost lower.

    I'm glad you liked the Snap-on machine. I have not heard many good things about them especially when you need repairs or parts.

    I do understand what your saying.
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    I actually don't understand the point of the thread.

    You state "Why even make a 20% duty cycle machine?"

    The answer is obvious- not everyone needs a 100% 140amp 120v machine that sells for $2,700.00

    It is pretty much the same with any product:
    Computers- how fast do you need to process?

    Cameras- how many frame per sec do you need, how many MegaPixel do you need to capture

    Vehicles: How much Torque/HP do you need?

    so and so on.
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    I can't imagine a body shop that wouldn't have 240vac for a welder. That would mean they could only use 120vac air compressors for all the air tools they may use. Not much of a body shop in my opinion not to mention an industrial enviroment needing 100% duty cycle and only 120vac to the building.
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    Why produce a 20% duty cycle machine?.......price point.

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