Just excited so imma share here. A spanking new MM211, cart, bottle and digital ellite pro auto darkening helmet just arrived for me at a clients - as payment for services rendered. I'm an IT consultant see - and built a nice little customer relationship management application for them using Microsoft Access - it'll help them manage their customer base, sales leads, customer product suites etc. In passing I mentioned I'm learning to weld and aim to 'save up and buy a MM211' at some point - well that point is here and it's waiting for me to scoop up tonight!

I do have a question - a roll of .030 flux core wire (bottle is empty for now) to set up in the machine with it - any real experiencde tips on set up that are helpful outside of the instructions provided? TIA all.

Now a Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC and a MM211 - a pretty nice stable for a guy that is just starting his journey! Next will be the goodies to set up a scratch start TIG set up for my Thunderbolt......