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First Home Depot does have 50 Amp outlets and plugs.

Most importantly is the size of the wire from the breaker to the welder.

They say that 8 ga is OK for 40 Amps ..... but if the run is too long, and extension cords are used voltage drop may be significant enough to cause problems.

In order to insure my welders will operate as designed I installed all 6 ga wiring from the box to the welder.

I'm picking up a MM211 in the very near future to replace a MM210 I had but was not being used as much as it would have been because of its physical size.

I will be closely watching the MM211's performance though after hearing people are complaining about it.

One things for certain, it won't be an input voltage problem if there are issues.

I might just rent one for a day to see how I like it.
Input Voltage is not a problem
I've run mine on 120v 200' from a panel
208v no problem
240v from a Honda 6500w genset
240v at home 30amp breaker

Runs fine.

The 240v "problems" we're real problems with defective machines not input Voltage