I am pretty much sold on the Dynasty 200dx for both home and use at work. I live in Canada, and my only concern is the standard power in the industrial setting I work in is 575v three phase. I know I could just plug into 110 but I would prefer to use the higher output available to me.

The literature provided by Miller and my welding supply rep. tell me that the input range for the welder is 110 to 460 volt max but some of my research online has people claiming that the input range is up to 575. I know common sense tells me that the miller specs should be what I should trust, but is there truth to the 575 input. Would the auto-line managment system kick in and modify the current to 460 or would I fry the machine. Or, for arguments sake, could I just hook up two of the phases in my pigtail for 220 and the autoline would do the rest?

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.