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Hey Dave I live in southwest Missouri and there is a CP 200 that had your conversion done to it in Tulsa for sale right now for 1200 dollars. It is pretty widespread. The great thing to me is how cost effective it is! Dave is your primary work running a fab shop?
Wow... perhaps I should take up a side-business, eh? Takes about 45 minutes, once a guy has the hang of it...I don't run the company fab-shop... we use our fab shop to make replacement parts for our company resources (1600 locations across US and Canada)... so everybody winds up fabricating at some point in time... but there's times of year when we've got several crews in the shop, and everybody's burning metal at the same time.My shop is personal... and I use it for personal projects, and helping others with their projects, and every so often, someone approaches me to design and fab something. I wear many hats, have many responsibilities, and have many skills beyond fabrication, and every aspect seems to be well-exercised... what isn't fab, is engineering, electrical, electronics, structural, damage assessment, field modifications, geotechnical solutions... you name it... about the only thing I can't do, is fix people problems... wrenches, torches, and welders just don't fix some things, right?