I bought a 399 synch for 100, it was a great deal for me. Had access to the ability to repair a faulty board for 100, machine came with service manual. I have 400A service, a forklift, a crane, shop space, expert service technsion, spare torches, parts, made a lot of sense, filled a niche and is mostly retired, a spoolgun on a 210 put it to pasture. I did fix a rotted hose so I can use it if need be.

I got a ton of **** most people dont have, lets say hobby/ home and even some other small business, a lot of varied equipment. But I am real simple and can look back to see the view I had early on, how this has progressed. I would love to buy something new but at this poing nothing I purchace will make me any more money, none, only cost. Truth be known I could do most of what I do pretty well with a 200A compact and in fact do.

Reason I ask or wonder this,, and this is in all sincerity, of 10 or 100 people how many got real use for this,,, how many is it a hobby,,, how many see it as both, a learning curve I also understand, it could be worth that on its own. This is another whole point. Its a valid point. Only reason I question this is that would hate to see anyone sitting on the fence over this, having a debate, not buying a brand new Hobart cause some "real deal" is going to pop up around the corner etc.

As the cost drops on new ones, they invent this compact class etc it makes the incentive for someone like me less and less to go with used equipment, heck at one poing China couldnt make cheap and good enough,,, even now that point is becoming reality, gonna make small welding equipment even more competitive similar to common hand tools. There will still be a hi end market but the bottom is coming up fast.