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Now, as for principle, sure you can find cheap machine and spend "few hundred" ...

... converting a CP200 is fine,,, if,,,, you are electrical engineer with free parts and its a hobby,,,, ...
I don't want all that ****t, I wanna plug in the wall, pull trigger. Use a cord I already got, one that works for every other machine as do the outlets,
Dont want to turn 2 machines on 2 rundon't, dont want the ndon't, dont want it to idle long runs, take up space that cost me 500 to build.
So it's clear you haven't read any details deep enough to have a clue what you're talking about. Take a few minutes to read, then add up the cost of two $7 transformers, 12' of 10awg wire, six ring-lugs, a $30 range cord and two hours of shop time. Mebbie three, if you've got the capacity to pressure wash it out, and perform the type of routine maintenance that they SHOULD have (but frequently did not get) when working in an industrial environment.

A large contingency of folks who've performed the CP-200 conversion adamantly admitted to having much less technical confidence than they expected necessary, but the reality is, that they found it to be much more simple and obvious than expected. A person that feels themselves incapable of doing this conversion, particularly after it's been presented in a step-by-step format, is probably not capable of properly operating the volume control on a television remote, much less changing the batteries.