Hello everyone, well after 2 days of scratching my head and thinking that id gotten ripped off buying a used feeder, I finally got it to work, But it don't seem like this is the right way to go about it. perhaps you guys can give me some help?
first off, The power source is a Regency 250 (KH385729) and the wire feed is a MillerMatic S-32S (JJ434922). so the PS was given to me and told that he didn't even know if it worked cause he had never seen nor had it going and didn't want to put out the money on a feeder and hope for the best. I cleaned it out, replaced the 8 Capacitors in the main assembly,put a new end on the power cord and swapped out the pos.&neg. 115v miller twist lock receptacles.
Then id found a feeder on craigslist that sounded like a good deal and that's where id gotten the S-32s. but the scary part was i bought it trusting the guy that told me it worked fine. but looked noticeably customized. (even to me) He said he rebuilt the feeder with all new Hobart Handler electronics . as well as added the gas solenoid and contactors.but i didnt get the oppertunity to see the feeder run with my own eyes. ( I know, I know!) Stupid or Lucky right?
So anyways, after i hooked it all up, the regency's power light would come on and that's about all it would do. the S-32S had no power light (deleted with the mods) so i didn't know if that was getting power at all. So after a night of reading past posts on this and other forums, i gathered up my electrical testing tools and started at the wall receptacle and tested my way through the power source and feeder.
And then remembered something Cruizer had told me a couple weeks back about a different feeder, and jumping (a and b). at the time i didn't know exactly what he had meant by that. Then shortly after decided not to get that feeder after all so never asked anything else about it.
So i think i figured out what he meant by it . and please correct me if I'm wrong, just taking a small scrap of wire and connecting two of the pins inside of the 14 pin receptacle?
at any rate id put two and 2 together and decided to jump the I and J pins. And ill be dipped in **** and go to **** if it didn't work ! but!..
When i do this the power source makes a pretty loud buzzing sound. non stop. And this being my first real welder. (not just some 120v pos) I'm not sure if this is normal for it to Buzz? Is there something else i should be doing to the ground pins (G and K) as well? And why am i having to jump theses pins at all? it just don't seem right. I mean i know why. its completing the contactor control circuit. it just seems like there should be a switch to power the 14 pin 24v receptacle or another switch for the 115v contactor receptacle. so i guess what I'm looking to find out is. Am i going about this the wrong way all together? And if so, Am i doing damage to the power source or the feeder by running it like this?

Thanks allot for reading my post everyone. and i appreciate any feedback you can offer me.