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Thread: band saws

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    Does it work well as a verticle saw? Mine did come with table for that as well I know some comments I read some people had not recieved it with theres.

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    Probably it does good . As what I've heard it produces nice cuts. And I think it always come with a cutting table.

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    Probably it does good . As what I've heard it produces nice cuts. And I think it

    always comes with a cutting table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aametalmaster View Post
    I have been running 3 HF 4x6 saws for the last 12 years on production runs and they are perfect. The stand is scrap and i didn't use it on any of them. I made my own and raised up the saw so i can see whats going on. One never needed any adjustments and cuts perfect right from the box. I did drain the oil in the gearbox from the start and refilled with some good gear lube for Boston gearboxes. For the price they can't be beat but thats just my thoughts....Bob
    Very true I got one from Northern tool, like the HF I modified it a bit. Made it so I could move it without it tipping over, got a better blade. The gear box sluge was replaced with 90w gear oil. What the heck is that sluge 10w with mud from the china sea? I am not a production shop but for what I do it works good and get good cuts. You will need to lay with the auto off seitch, but for a couple of hundred buck it is woth the time to........................ tune the thing up

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    Important thing there you get good cuts or it'll be better if you get good straight cuts.
    Tune your bandsaw.

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