I purchased this unit on Friday not working.
When we turned it on the power and pressure lights came on and the internal fan ran.
When we pulled the trigger nothing happened.
That was due to the pressure light being on.

Today we cleaned out the blocked internal water trap, cleaned the torch and blew out the dust.

When reassembled and turned on the power light came on. At this stage the output was set at 20. When I turned the output knob counter clockwise to the Gas/Air Set the solenoid pulsed off and on shooting air through the torch. The pressure light was flashing at the same time. While this was happening I turned the output knob clockwise until it reached the first setting, this stopped the solenoid pulsing. The power light was the only light on so I pulled the trigger and air came out of the torch. No pilot arc came on but that may be because the tip and electrode need replacing. When I released the trigger the pressure light was flashing. I have checked for blockages from the compressed air inlet to the torch tip all good. Sounds like a pressure switch or a PC board issue.
Any thoughts?