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    Just a couple more items to consider. Travel speed and arc length will both significantly affect bead profile.

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    Jusy thought id report in. Once i whipped out about an inch further. Now one of the best in the class. Funny how that works haha. Thanks for all the advice.

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    Default SMAW welds almost completely flat

    I know this is an old thread, but I didn't want to start a new thread for a simple question. What kind of technique did you use for 6011? We're doing that in my class now and I can't seem to make it look as good as I can with 6013 or 7018. I'm going a long the previous bead in the crevice and building up a puddle then whipping it out until I notice it cools slightly then bringing it back in right ahead of where I stopped? Am I doing this wrong or does it just take a lot of practice. My other welds look pretty good, not as good as a lot of y'all's but my teacher said that they were one of the best in the class for me being new to it. Can someone explain the right technique?

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