Im going to be graduating my 6 week welding course next week because it is a 6 week program. i get a certificate 210 hours complete. They trained me in SMAW, GMAW Pulse and Spray, FCAW, AND GTAW. If you want specifics. SMAW 3G And 4g, FCAW 3G and 4g, GMAW-Pulse 3g and 4g, GMAW-Spray 2g! I was not trained by some random backyard school. These were really good professionally experience welders who been welders for over over 30 years and they worked for the government and worked under AWS and Military standards because they worked for Electric Boat.My teachers taught me about distortion control, the jewels formula and how to read blue prints and identify welding symbols and etc! I mean i have enough experience to go get a job. I can get certified through the school them all i do is have to pay the money for it.

But im feeling like i want more training just because i want more training. I want to learn more. I don't know if i should go to college or what! Can anyone steer me in the right direction please?

Well i finished basically the 6 week course is 3 weeks 2 days and ive just been working on TIG because they have no test for that. And next week there going to teach me some SMAW pipe welding 6g because i asked for it!