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    Just looked at the link to manual switches.....sure wish I would have used a gen ready main panel on the house I am building RIGHT NOW! Too far into it to change now. I powered some apartments I used to own with cords by changing from unit to unit during an ice storm a few years ago, not easy but saved all the pipes. The renters thought I was just being nice to keep them warm so it was a little good will along the way. The problem with generators and power outages is that most people do not understand the electricity part well enough to keep someone from getting hurt. Preaching to the choir here I know....
    200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot

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    I've looked at the wiring diagram and neutral and gr are bonded on bobcat i will go from there and try to decide how I want to do it with out hurting the machine it really welds good not many hrs on it. I had a older bobcat but this one really welds a lot better. Thanks for the thread and your suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpence38 View Post

    That is how it tends to be when you post a question and then wait 2 days and 15 answers later to post a response. Not busting your balls, just sayin'
    LOL - true - hey man cmon I live in Jersey - we had a little incident over the past couple days .... .just sayin!

    hey but I was just busting the stones of someone that posted a while ago crying about his thread getting hijacked - personally - I appreciate the directional changes - often getting the opportunity to learn more. so - all good!

    now - I just need to figure out how to propose the $4,800 solution to a $1,500 - $2,000 issue ...... to serve my own needs (or really wants) while there is no natural disaster in effect! - THAT is some input I could use guys...!

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