Bought my Millermatic-35 back in the mid 90s from a guy down the road.
It worked but never seems to work right.
While welding, it seems like the power supply was surging. It would be normal for abt a sec, then almost stop welding for another second, then back to normal for a sec and so on. It was impossible to make a good looking weld.

I let unit sit until just recently. Today I removed the cover and took a look around. I found the 4 diodes near the fan. Disconnected the wires and measured 9-10 ohms in one direction and open in the other direction. I guess they are OK.??

Pulled the 6 large caps. The are rated at 9000uf and 35v.
Checked them with my Fluke meter set to 10,000uf and it read "OL" on all 6 caps.

Checked around the net and found some "computer" grade caps with the correct ratings and screw terminals. Not so sure I need "computer" grade caps but that's all I could find. Will they work??

WIll bad caps cause the "surging" I was seeing??

Am I barking up the wrong tree here??

SN= HJ153419

Thx in adv for any help

John C