Finally got a 220V line installed in my garage. Plugged in welder, Mode on DC positive, turned on (nice hum) a 7018 rod in the clamp, shake the helmet down and scratch.....scratch....scratch scratch scratch.....nothing. Welder worked on video - first time I'm trying to use it and yes - I'm just a fool learning. And I think its the 'circuit' I had going - that is I had the welder on a metal cart and a small piece of scrap on a wooden board flat on my garage floor - the work clamp was clamped onto the welding cart pole. Is it correct that the work clamp needs to clamp on a metal table on which the work is resting or if welding ON the cart itself then can be clamped on the cart (as such for welding the frame of a car - clamp on the frame etc)

Thanks - I hesitated posting this - as it clearly exposes my ignorance - but w/out ignorance there isn't learning and some lessons are painful (hopefully not painful when involving high voltage though!)