I recently purchased a new 350p, the same machine I used for years in a fab shop. I am now set up on my own and having an issue. I am welding pulse aluminum, something I am very used to and normally very good at. It is blowing holes right through the material, really gouging into 1/2" plate, leaving black ugly blobs all over the place, toes are not wetting out, it almost seems like there's arc blow or something similar. On 1/8" plate it welds OK, not super but passable. Running at 310, like the manual advises, although I used to run at 360-380 for the same material. As soon as I crank it up to weld anything thicker than 1/4" those problems start happening. I have switched gas bottles in case it was contaminated (wasn't), have changed to a new plugin, fiddled around with all settings and gas flow, nothing's working. Would the fact I am running 230v single phase but am plugged in to 240v be an issue? Any other ideas? Using 100%argon, 4043 0.35 wire (also tried 5356, no better), material is always clean.