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First project - Welding Cart.

The tank platform I put on the back is large enough for several tanks. For now there will just be 1 75/25 and 1 100% Argon. Maybe some day some Helium.

The cart is large enough to hold my Mig and Stick machines, Plasma cutter and someday a TIG machine.

Anyone think of a reason I can't put the oxygen and acetylene tanks on there too?

Am I missing a safety issue?

I personally would build 3 carts, 1 for mig, 1 for stick/tig, 1 for oxy/acet, and plasma just lays around. The reason for 3 carts is that every process is separated, and every welding process currently has only 1 bottle. This just makes it easier if you want to do multiple things or if you are welding on things in tight areas.

A big thing about having 4 bottles and 4 outfits so close to each other is that more things together, more things to go wrong. Examples are more bottle to worry about, grinding dust in all machines, more cables/wires in the way, more consumables getting dirty.

I don't know what machines you have but a cart can be as simple as a hand cart with a shelf at the top for the welder and a smaller bottle can fit underneath.