Or common courtesy for those who don't want to google the term...

Recently I started a thread asking a question about performing SMAW using the high frequency AC available from an inverter power source. After a couple of replies related to the topic - and I thank those forum members who responded to MY QUESTION - the thread degenerated into

- a squabble about who knows about AC submerged arc and who doesn't
- a discussion of how people weld in the third world using a junkyard transformer
- a debate as to which is more dangerous AC or DC

None of these are related to the topic in the original question. On most forums this is known as "hyjacking" a thread and is considered offensive.

If you want to discuss these topics, please start your own thread. There is no charge to do so. If you want to start a thread to compare the hazards of AC vs. DC I might even provide a link to the film of Thomas Edison electrocuting an elephant to demonstrate the danger of AC. But that does not belong in my thread about SMAW on an inverter power source; nor in this thread about forum etiquette.