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    Default Passport Plus Question???

    Looking at getting a Passport Plus to add to the race team. I was looking over the owners manual and didn't see anywhere on how to fill internal bottle. Can you fill them when you hook up external or do you have to take them to the LWS? Can you get extra bottles to have on hand in the pit cart or do you have to carry bigger external to keep filling? How long whould a internal bottle last under (normal) HAHAHAHA welding conditions? Thanks

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    The portable cylendres are Co2 and the best place to get/fill them is a sporting goods store they are the same tanks as used for paintball and I dont know of anyone of refills them on their own.
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    You can refill them yourself and that may be an good option for you but as Rezeppa said they are the paint ball CO2 cans and I've seen them in the box stores now since they are used as Portable Compressed "Air" for nail guns etc etc.

    Most welding shops don't seem to stock them or refill them but yer local paint ball supply shop will do it, at least around here they do.
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    Default Fill it yourself CO2.

    I have a Passport Plus and love it. Here in Canada, Canadian Tire sells the 12 Oz Paintball Cylinders at thier stores, and the ones they sell even have a level indicator (Thermal Tape that shows internal liquid level and even the floating ball rolling around inside) on the outside of the cylinder. I have a total of 3 tanks. They last for quite a long time, especially doing fit-up on railings and such where you cover a lot of ground doing tacking, up and down stairs and such.

    As far as filling them yourself, Canadian Tire (and other paintball suppliers) sells an extension hose and cap assembly so you can use a larger (20 Oz) cylinder on your belt and feed a gun. That with a couple of fittings, valves, and a CO2 tank adaptor, along with a digital "Fish Scale" that reads in Ounces is all you need to fill from a 20 Pound CO2 Tank that is inverted and safely held of course.

    Look on the internet and there are several videos showing how to fill these tanks. Basically youhave a hose with a ball type fill valve and a vent valve. You flow a small amount of liquid into the empty tank and then vent it quickly to super cool the tank, then with the fishing scale set to read ounces and zeroed while suspending the tank, add liquid until 12 Ounces is displayed. That's it, your done, just DO NOT overfill. That is where the tanks with the thermal indicators are really nice as a double check both when filling and also in the field.

    Here is a link you do NOT need to vent off as much as he does, (about 8 Oz) but enough to properly chill the bottle. If you come up short in the fill, just vent some to re-chill the bottle and add some more. As he does, if you have too much, just release a little. After you have done a couple, it is really quick and easy.

    Have fun, save a bit of money, and really enjoy the portability of the Passport Plus to the fullest, tank that is!

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    Default Passport Plus Question???

    If you check online, mostly eBay, people sell the refill set ups for paint-balling. They work very well, you fill them off of a larger CO2 cylinder and you can get a lot of refills off of a small cylinder.

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