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    Did i read this thread correctly?

    Most CK heads interchange with weldcraft?
    Weldtec heads inter change with Weldcraft?

    I spoke with CK today and the now make an adapter to go between the metric Flexloc head and other heads.

    Did I read this thread correctly?

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    I think it is only the FlexLock torch which uses a metric thread on the cable connection rather than the "standard" 3/8" x 24. CK makes an adapter from the 3/8" to the metric so the FlexLock can be attached to a common cable.

    Here is what I know about posting a picture:


    I am not sure what you are reading into or out of this thread. As I stated above it is the FlexLock which uses a metric connector, I think most other CK, all Weldcraft, all American Torch Tip and some various generic torches I have use an inch thread - 3/8" for WP9 and WP17 family torches.

    If CK has an adapter from the metric CABLE to an inch pattern torch I am definitely interested.


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    Mar 2013


    I would like to ultimately have a ball joint head and a flex loc head fit the same handle.

    I think it can be done if the weld tec ball joint is generic.

    I didnt talk to the Weldtec guy long enough but there is something funny about their "roto head" that is not compatable with with the other weld tec handles.

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    Default dynasty 200dx and inverter

    Dynasty powered by an10kw sinewave inverter 12v-240v sources from 2(8D)batteries.....??
    What you think?ha

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