You may have read my other thread down below. and i want to say thank you for the advice everyone =]. I figured out my career plan. So my class is not 3months long its only 6 weeks long. But ill be finished by later this week beginning of next week. And then im going to get certified for stick welding 3g and 4g,Flux 3g and 4g, and GMAW Spray 3g through American Welding Society. And Then i am going to learn how to do underwater welding for 5months, then go learn how to pipe weld and find a part time job in the meantime and then try and qualify to work for the government.

I appreciate every ones opinions and i really think i have what it takes to be a good welder. I know you guys said having a good hand does not cut the slip but i still think having a good hand is a big plus because its less to worry about and it would make pipe welding lot easier. Now all i have to do is worry about actually understanding the science behind welding and knowing what im doing! Im not here to say im better than everyone im here to succeed and make a living and have fun with my career. And i wish everyone the best of luck for their futures.
I bought my pocket welding guide 30th edition from is there anything i will be needing? or am i set to go from here for a beginning. i have most of my tools already