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Thread: I can't see

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    Default I can't see

    I can weld better with the lights off. :-) I'm serious.

    I'm wondering if this is a helmet problem. It's a Hobart XVP auto dark.

    I used it in welding class this summer and it seems the more I weld the less I'm able to see. I don't know if it's me or the helmet. I do have to wear glasses all the time but that's a focus problem, my welding problem is being able to see the work and the arc. I can seldom see the work at all so very long beads invaribly aren't straight.

    I have the shade set to 10 and the sensitivity at about 25% and the delay pretty low. I tried it at 9 today and I think it's better but I'm shy of doing that all the time as even on 10 at the end of a few hours welding my eyes are sore.

    Pretty bad when I can't see a small sun a foot in front of my face. :-)

    I've cleaned the lens and installed new inner and outer protective lenses. No difference.

    I'm definitely not seeing as much as what I see in welding videos on youtube. Should I expect to see the same thing as in those videos?

    Do auto dark helmets go bad in this way. This helmet is probably 5 or 6 years old but not used muych till this summer.

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    Have you ever used a normal (non-autodark) shield?

    I've never seen an autodark hood that let you see the puddle as clearly as a non-autodark.

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    Did you check the batteries?
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    Used a non-auto years ago but don't recall the quality. Good idea though, I'll borrow one and do a comparison.

    Yes, brand new batteries. First thing I tried.

    Forgot to add this - Sometimes the lens stays dark after I kill the arc. It acts strange. When it does that I can hold up my hand about 6 inches or less in front of it and it will un-darken and when I remove my hand it will go back dark (no arc)(not looking at the sun).

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    Default I can't see

    Used both auto & non auto. Did have a cheaper Tractor Supply auto that after all day welding at higher voltage went bad. Some weeks I do allot of fab work i.e. allot of tacking & small welds also switch back & forth with plasma & Tig. Bought a Miller Elite and love it for that work as I can just hit a button & switch back & forth, also fine tune shade as need. I've welded with it straight all day long at higher voltage & it's worked flawless. Good helmet just not cheap. As recommended I'd try dedicated helmet may clear up your problem. Another thought;
    >> My close up vision started to leave years ago & I've found multi vision contacts that work fine for everything but welding I also just couldn't see the puddle. I put a magnify lens in helmet and that works great. Just a thought.

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    Why don't you borrow someone's AD helmet and see if you have the same problems?

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    I some times have problems with my helmet if there is a bright light directly above or a beam of sun light across the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi View Post
    Why don't you borrow someone's AD helmet and see if you have the same problems?

    What?? You think I have friends? LOL I do have a couple but none of them weld.

    I don't know anyone I could borrow a helmet from. Will ask my LWS next time I'm there. They might have one I could borrow for a test.

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    what process are you using, short arc can be hard to follow some time, i have been doing this for many years and there is not a day that goes by that i did not have to struggle to see the weld, most of it is positioning your body in the best place to see what is going on

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    Default Better now!!

    Ok, I made some changes:
    - Bought a new Miller Digital Elite (made a big difference).
    - Keeping my head farther away from the arc.
    - Trying to keep not so short an arc. I have a tendency to drag the leading edge of the rod with stick and with mig I keep the nozzle too close.

    I'm going to add a chater lens to the mix and then I'll be set I think. The cheater will help me now that I'm keeping my head back farther.

    thanks for all the input folks!
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