Hello everyone,

I live in Vancouver,BC. Recently I am thinking to get into the trades area to become a welder. The motivation is simple. I need to do a well paid job to feed the family. After asking around a few job training institutes, the situation is there were long waiting lists in every school in the lower mainland. The earliest will have to wait till winter 2014. So I phoned a few schools in BC inland, some still have available seats as early as Jan, 2013. But I need to leave my kids and study in a distant location for 28 weeks. It's really cost a lot-tuition fees, living cost, 28 weeks without pay cheque, and leaving home. I am 38 years old, physically I am healthy but not a strong type, and I wear glasses otherwise can not see clearly. I need everybody's opinion about this issue: Can people like me starting at my age be successful in this career? What is the biggest challenge I will face if I decided to do it?

Thank you very much.