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    Wink Shop Class Ideas

    Hey guys this is my first post on the forum but have been reading for while now. Okay so I'm in tenth grade shop class and our teacher told us we have to pick a project soon. Problem is I usually only make stuff when I need it and do that at home. So my question is what are some things I could possibly make for my project Any help would be appreciated!

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    Have you looked through the projects forum?
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    If I were you, I think I would make something that I could use at home and something would last a long time. How about a heavy duty welding/work table. Build it right and I could be with you until your grandkids are in 10th grade shop class ( if they still have shop class then).

    Post pics of what ever it is you decide on.

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    C3pilot, Come on lets have a realistic view on life, You mean so the chineese 10th grade kids can weld off of it.

    I got excited reading this post just to find out that we still actually have a shop class some where.

    I have a 10th grader at home and he's going to be a video game designer when he has a full blown welding shop at home.

    Any way, Sorry I didd'nt mean to high jack this thread.

    Yes, C3 Pilot had a great idea for you.

    In 11th grade I built a flat bed for my 1972 Ford ( Camper Special ) F-250 and mounted a rack to hold my oxy/ Acyt. Tanks. This was a 3hr. Vocational class that we had in school.
    My first mini welding rig, I've built 4 others since then.

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    I built a table while everybody else thought it was the easy way out. When it was done the whole class was jealous! I still use it every day at home. Also you can get pretty creative with it... Have fun!

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    Great Thread, I got cheated, when I got to HS,they took all shop classes out, wanted us to be Rocket Scientists........Had to go to College before I got hold of a welder and table saw....let's get the shop classes back,Please.....
    I agree, make something that you will have forever, but make sure you can get it out the door......can't wait to see what you come up with..., here is my Skeleton Table I built not long ago,very flat, 4 inch channel that individual pieces can be removed so something with a long leg can fit through, great for clamping in the middle of the table...hope this inspires.......Paul
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    Quote Originally Posted by Packers To Super Bowl !! View Post
    I built a table while everybody else thought it was the easy way out. When it was done the whole class was jealous! I still use it every day at home. Also you can get pretty creative with it... Have fun!
    Got any pictures of said table

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    Gee,s i took typing instead of shop, i could care less about typing, but i was the only guy in the class, had a hard time concentrating on the keys, dropped my note book quite often.

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    Take a look at my pages ... you might want to make your Mom something special for being your "special Mom" you are welcome to copy anything that you see there... just a thought

    Jim Young

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