I currently own a Millermatic 150. I just use it for light Automotive work, as I am building a hot rod. One downside I have is it is 220v, so I have to rig up power when I need to use it (rental house). A buddy of mine has a Miller Sidekick, 110v. He would like to have a more durable welder like mine, so he is offering a trade plus cash. What would be a fair deal? Both are in good shape, and include a bottle filled with gas. I know mine is 220v, 4 voltage settings, adjustable wire feed, and can accept 3 different sizes of wire. His is 110v, 4 voltage setting, adjustable wire feed , but can only accept one wire size: .023. From what he tells me, his welder should be capable of doing all of the work I would ever need to do my car, so I just need to make sure I don't get ripped off (or rip him off) doing a trade. How much cash should I ask for?

Thanks for all input,