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    Default Syncrowave 250 only works in Remote

    We have a 1991 Sync 250 SN KB 0429xx that only works with the remote switch set to remote and using the foot pedal, not when set to panel position, trying to arc weld with it.

    Im going to order a new remote-panel switch S3 ( part # 052769 ) right ? and replace that and I wonder if there is also a relay that may be a cause that I should have on hand just in case while I have it opened up?

    Have fingers crossed that its not the PC board. Thanks, Dave

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    Hi davo727,
    Couple things to try.

    1.) Disconnect the pedal from the machine completely.
    2.) Make sure unit is set to...

    Amperage control --> panel
    Output/contactor --> On
    High Frequency --> off
    Current selector--> pointing to the right/ DCEP
    Arc Control --> Try both positions

    3.) With the power turned off and your stick leads disconnected, check them for continuity. Put an ohm meter between the electrode holder and the lug that goes onto the machine. Cable should be continuous.

    Does the machine work 100% in tig mode, on both A/C and DCEN polarity?

    Best of luck. The older syncrowave 250's are great machines.

    P.S. You should be able to check that switch with a meter, no need to throw away a good part.

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    Thanks for the info. Are there any relays that might be a cause of this?

    Thanks, Dave

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    You haven't had any fun stick welding if you haven't pedaled through a few rods at one time or another,
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    Fixed ! Replaced the Remote-On switch and were good now. Big Blue good to go.

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