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Thread: Copper backup

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    Default Copper backup

    Can anyone tell me where to get some reasonably priced copper backup bar?? I've found it on line but it kinda pricey. Copper is expensive though. Now i'm using scrap laser mirrors but thier shape doesn't work well. Needing bar.

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    I've got a couple of old 1/4 inch thick ground bars I use. Left overs from telephony tear outs. They've got a few holes drilled but you just dodge the holes. Plus a few pieces of bus bar and some battery straps. A lot of the battery bars/straps are a thin lead coating on copper. A few are a silver alloy coating. They are less than 1/8th thick but usable for small jobs. Bendable for special applications.

    Other than getting lucky you have to buy what you need. Copper is expensive for sure. Won't get any cheaper by waiting.

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    If you have a buddy who's an electrician give him a holler and ask if he can save you some scrap busbar off a job. Bus bar is usually something like 1/4" thick, so it works great as a chill bar and/or backer. It'll have holes in it, but they won't matter - still works for what you want to use it for.
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