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I never implied the little 211 should be used by large contractors to build bridges. I said it would be fine for him and whatever thickness he chose to weld because it was a hobby machine used in his spare time. Stop putting words in my mouth. Stop making assumptions. You are the idiot.
So maybe my response was a bit harsh, but that was a direct quote, I wasn't putting words in your mouth.
To give you an idea where my perspective on this comes from. I just finished cutting apart and rebuilding a trailer that had come apart due to being welded with a small mig. The guy who welded it was one who believed that you could just use multiple passes in lieu of an ample sized machine. I am also in the middle of a large job repairing a lot of ironwork on a big house that was welded with an inadequate welder. It is just frustrating to have to cut apart poor welds in order to make good welds. I suppose that it is not just the poor welds but the poor cutting and fitting that add to the poor job. Perhaps then the guys that spend the money for the appropriate machines have also made the investment in learning and other tooling. At the very least there is some correlation.
I will still disagree with you when you say 'fine for him and whatever thickness he chose to weld', because a 211 just doesn't put out enough amps for ''whatever thickness'. It is not really for use much above 1/4", and certainly not for making plate girders, even with multiple passes.