howdy from north ga. i have a millermatic250 i bought new & used around the shop on hotrods & farm equip. i started to use it this week & it is acting up.
i had to replace the "sheath" that the solid wire runs thu. wire was kinking
up at times and could not get voltage to regulate. acts like a stick welder does
when the amperage is turned up WAY WAY to high. it will arc but not matter what i try it is so hot i cannot weld with it. i tried adjusting gas flow,wrte speed
and voltage but cannot change the situation. i pulled side off to b sure a mouse or dirt-dobber had not got inside. everything appears to be intact-not wires off or
signs of problems. any help would be appreciated. retired power co mechanic,
used several welders during the years but love my miller. reccomend them to all my buds. thanks BILL