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    Default how can i weld aluminum?

    my father has a miller 175 mig machine. he needs to buy a spool gun, and whatever box. what does he need to set his machine up with aluminum welding.

    ps. i told him he dosnt need it cause he dosnt weld, and i have a lincoln square wave 255 sitting in the garage.....

    stubbern dads, what can ya

    thanks Joe

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    MIG needs a special spool gun. Not always cheap.
    MIG can also be an iffy weld if not done properly.
    TIG is best but much slower. (A/C balanced w/ hi-freq)

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    Needs Argon and a spool gun.
    Lincoln Vantage 400
    Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™

    Miller Dynasty® 350
    Millermatic 350P Aluminum
    Millermatic® 252
    Syncrowave 351
    Lincoln LN-25 Pro

    Multimatic™ 200

    XR-Aluma Pro Gun
    Diversion™ 180

    Spectrum® 625 X-TREME™

    Thermal Dynamics® Cutmaster® 52
    Victor Oxy/Acetylene Set

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    If it is a Millermatic 175 you will need,
    1)Spoolmate 3035 195016
    2)SGA-100 043856
    3)4043 .030 wire
    4)straight argon

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