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    Default need advice on welding a cast iorn stove leg

    Have a cast iorn stove leg that has a chunk broken out. Any recomendations? Have a Millermatic 210, a Syncrowave 180 and a dynastey 200 DX. Can post some pictures tommorrow if it will help.
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    I don't know if you can still get it but there used to be a such thing as a nickle SMAW electrode for welding black cast iron. Seems to me I used to hear that it had hit-or-miss results usually due to cracking. Preheat is critical. Haven't heard anybody mention it in years. Most people braze cast iron with brass. There are youtube vids out there showing how it's done. You can also fusion weld cast iron with a gas torch and that's pretty much the best method but it's also the slowest as you have to weld it like a conventional weld with bevel prep and a lot of material deposit and a lot of powdered flux you dip the iron filler rod into periodically. It's hot, hot, hot and slooooooow.

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    I'd just braze it with a O/A torch and then paint it to cover the repair.

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    I agree, Braze it.

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    Get some Crown Alloys 44-30 .035 mig wire for cast iron and use your MM210. Any gas CO2, 75/25 or Argon will work well with it. Then you will have some wire left for the next job ...Bob
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    I would preheat, use a nickle rod then cool slowly- like wrap with insulation.

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    Good nickel welding rod is not available anymore. Brazing with brass will work, but brazing with bronze on cast-iron is the best. I use a nickel bronze rod made by Harris. We also use bronze to buildup the drive gears on Steam Tractors, and have never had a problem with a failure, unlike when others use an arc welder.
    Jeff Lund
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    This ones easy braze it. Pre-heat around 200f. Wells with a nickle rod 55. Wrap with insulation tightly and let it cool over night. Don't peek. If you hear it crack start over. Really simple just time consuming. Good luck. ARE YOU SURE ITS CAST IRON ANS NOT CAST STEEL. THERES A BIG DIFFERENCE WHEN WELDING. CAST STEEL BEING MUCH EASIER.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aametalmaster View Post
    Get some Crown Alloys 44-30 .035 mig wire for cast iron and use your MM210. Any gas CO2, 75/25 or Argon will work well with it. Then you will have some wire left for the next job ...Bob
    I would have to agree with Bob. Since you have a MM210 the easiest fix would be to mig it with Crown Alloys 44-33. Bob has had good success with this process in the past. Post some pictures before and after.
    Good luck,

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    Nickel welding rod is readily available. Use a 99 nickel rod. If it is made of grey iron, you're chances of success are good if you follow a couple basic rules. Number 1 is: if you do not have to restrain the weldment during welding, Don't, you will be better off. The primary reason for cracking is weld shrinkage. V-groove one side of the joint at least 75% and only weld one side. Position the broken piece so that as you are welding it, the weld shrinkage will pull it into the correct position. Preheat to at least 600 deg. weld an inch at a time and keep interpass temp at 600deg. Then cool very slowly. Post some pics.

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