Finally went out to take another look at my generator,and I am no expert,and I cannot find the problem. After reading the responses to my question,I thought I would look at it again. And I want to thank everyone for their help and hope you all can bear with me on this.Here is how it is wired. A red and blue come from one set of windings to give 120 volts and a white and a rust brown colored wire come out of the other winding to give it the other 120 volts. The red (being the hot then goes to the top of one side of a breaker and the rust colored,being the hot,ends up going to the top of the other side of the breaker. Looks like a double breaker,each side protecting its respective windings. Then two red wires come out the bottom of the breaker below where the red went in the top,and one goes to one dual 120 volt outlet,while the other red goes to the hot lug of the 240 volt outlet. Then below where the rust colored hot wire went in the top of the breaker, a set of black wires,being the hot,come off the bottom of the breaker,with one going to another 120 volt dual outlet,and then the other black goes to the other hot lug on the 240 volt outlet. I can't see the problem based on the answers I got initially,it looks wired OK,but as I said I am no expert and the problem might be right in front of me. The way it is wired to the 240 volt receptacle,the way I see it,I thought I should have my 240 volts. And of course the neutrals and ground is wired in where necessary. As I said when I first relayed my problem,when I check all the outlets,the 120 volt outlets are all fine but the 240 volt outlet gives a zero reading when I check across the two hot lugs. But if I check the hot lugs individually by touching one hot and then a neutral or a ground,I get120 volts, the same goes for the other hot lug,touching it along with either the neutral or the ground I get 120 volts with my tester. This last sentence pertains to the 240 volt outlet. I actually had a couple farmers tell me that is how it is supposed to work,I told them no way you need to have 240 volts when touching both hot lugs with a tester or nothing will run off that outlet. I proved that to them by trying to start my 240 volt buzzbox with this generator,and nothing happens. I tried to start the buzzbox with my portable welder and it started fine. And my portable welder reads 240 volts by just checking the hot lugs with my tester. Any help is appreciated guys. Thanks again.