Cruizer, my welders are running fine,but I have a question on a portable generator which no one at this point has been able to solve. Just wondering if you can help. I bought it reconditioned a few years ago and never really checked the generator portion when I bought it.I checked out and started the motor,which was fine. It produces 110 volts at each respective 110 volt receptacle fine,but when I check for220 volts at its receptacle,there is 0 volts. On this very receptacle when I check across each hot lug independently I get 110 volts as I should,but when I check for the combined total at both hot lugs I get zero. I am confused on this one. I know this section is for welding questions,but so far have been unable to get an answer that may help reslove the problem. Then to,I don't know if it is even worth fixing given the potential cost. I bougt it from Home Depot and failed to check the generator portion when I purchased it.I guess I thought it would work properly being just reconditioned. Thanks for any input.