I got a hold of an old Legend KF89XXXX with 4271 hours showing on the meter - it was going to scrap, but I got it... has a P216 Onan on it. Runs real nice actually, after some cleaning.
It will weld, not sure how nice yet, I just burned half a stick to see if the engine would carry the load.

It will not sense load on the 120 or 220 receptacles. I am trouble shooting that, but this looks to be a great welder/ 6KW generator. I can hold the throttle in and force it to run at a higher rpm to generate 120v on the plugs, but she will not do it on her own... If anyone can point me in the right direction - I would be grateful..

I downloaded some manuals - correct me if I am wrong, but if I have the correct manual - the Legend is supposed to generate 120v at idle, and not be required to run at 3k rpm just for 120? I may not have the right manual.