(Hey Cruizer, and the others that may be able to help as much as you)

Syncrowave 350 on 230v single phase from 1988 (I know its old sorry)

S/N # JJ458966

Stock # 902976

I've seen many posts where you have been of great help here. So I figured maybe you can shed some light on this issue that just happen'd recently. I'm not concern'd with tig operation at this time so all tig related switches are off, no torch attached. I would at least like to get it back up and stick welding again. This machine was working great on all stick modes ac/dc/ etc about 6 months ago. The breaker has been turned off so I don't think any kinda surge happen'd to it while it sat. Anyways every since I turned it on recently after it sitting I get a high voltage reading ocv 140 and high amp reading oca spikes from 500 and drops in a few seconds down to around 350 and stays. Will not stick weld unless I turn on arc control to around 80% or higher and even then its kinda way too hot and won't hold a stable arc for long, if you adjust the arc control down very finely it will adjust down while welding but then lose its stable arc. Messing with the main amp control doesn't seem to affect it much at all though if I hold the toggle switch and adjust amps up and down the digital display will read out properly then when I let the toggle switch go it will go back to oca of about 350. If I turn arc control off you either get nothing or maybe a spark no more than what you would see from a spark plug. and the HF is in off position and I have no pulse option installed on this machine just to give a little more info. Also if ya have it and don't mind a service manual would be greatly appreciated for this 700 lb. monster.

my email is: shadowiz@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time with this everyone and keep on fighting to keep the miller machines alive!