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I never said "Stupid", unsure where that came from.

Now the cable doesn't come in one piece sooo...

For a RCCS-14 you'll be needing the following:

039273 - amp conector c/w pins
151146 - 26.5' cable
215030 - tubing
209313 - 5 terminals required
209314 - connector
Sorry Cruizer,
I wasn't meaning any one was calling anyone stupid
I have simply grown to have enuff dislike for this cable and the lack of being able to buy it assembled, to begin to call "IT" (the cable) stupid.
I was simply hoping you would just yank a rabbit out of your hat....in the form of a Miller cable for my controller. I have bought the repair kits and have had pretty poor service from them after that. I will check out some different cable. They do go thru a lot of abuse.
Thanks, Garry