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Did we ever fix the 211 soft start issue. It sounds like there may be a relay sticking or chattering or possibly a logic problem some where since it only does it on the first pull, and after reseting. I am not a miller tech, just an electronics guy so take this with a grain of salt. With out a scat to read and trace, i really can't give you any more advice.

No since the op's machine works in 120, but not in 230, I'm thinking something is allowing the strike relay to come on and stay on. I'm going with a primary ground issue. Easily tested by disconnecting it temporarily. Reason why I think this is that the unit did work properly for some time, I'm wondering if something was improperly hooked into that panel and supplying a low voltage to that ground circuit, and into the commons on the board. Now most of the commons are isolated, strike isn't.