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    Default something drag bike

    i drag race atvs and ive posted some pictures and things ive built on here from time to time, but never posted any videos so i figured id post a video of the most recent drag bike we have been messing with...

    its a banshee based bike, twin cylinder 2 stroke...were using stock cases stock cylinders stock head stock carbs and stock chassis...

    I built all the bolt on parts for the chassis and our motor has a turbo and nitrous on it...

    we have only had it out twice so we have a good ways to go but heres a video of our first nitrous was a small shot and we plan to hit it with more in the near future, but we have more to gain on just the turbo so we will see how it goes...

    let me know what ya think, we are running on 300ft of sand/dirt mix

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    Aug 2007


    That was an awesome video!!!! Your quad looks good also. Please post some pics of your build.

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    Jun 2008


    Was that a timed pass? If so, what was it?

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    that was not a timed pass....that was just a test pass to see how the nitrous was going to work....without the nitrous so far we have been a 3.84 at 86 mph in 300ft on this bike....i also ride other bikes and the best i have ran this year is a 3.15 at 97mph with a 1.17 60ft....we will be running this bike again this coming weekend and will try to get more footage to post up

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    Central Ca.


    Sweet Build! What tracks are you running at? We run FSA and a few local tracks.

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