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    Default Tube End Cap Clamping System

    Many times I have had to weld an end cap onto a round or square tube to finish a project.
    Not being much of a round tube welder I always hate this part of the fabrication and in fact I try to avoid it.
    A part from trying to do an ali bicycle frame weld (which I am not at that level) the other issue is clamping the end cap onto the tube. Sure if the tube is short no problems but what if you are working on a table leg or something even longer, then it gets harder. You have to hold the end cap in place while you get it centred and then tack weld it.
    Many times I have dipped my welding helmet to find a clamp has moved.
    Enough of that.
    Today I started fabricating a tube end cap clamp that fixes to the end of the tube right where it needs to be welded.

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