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Thread: overhead tig

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    Post overhead tig

    hello everyone, im new to this forum but not to welding. ive been welding for about 3-5 years and im in a vocational high school and im in a welding a senior this year and to start off the year the teacher is having me do some overhead tig with 14-11 ga mild steel. i can weld in every other position fine but im having trouble with overhead. are there any tips that i shoud know about because i cant seem to even get just a bead down. thanks- nick

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    Default overhead tig

    Go to and order a " tig finger" they are the only ones who sell them. It's a high temp wrap to go around a finger, allowing you to steady your hand to what you are welding. For me welding tig is the same up, flat, overhead and vert. It's all about positioning and keeping steady. The tig finger will help.

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    Default overhead tig

    i agree, you may need the tig finger, its very important to get comfortable in any position.. then just take it slow it will come around... may need a little less heat and some foot pulse if you have blowing out the top... good luck practice is king

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    It's in your head boss !!You are getting yourself all stressed out for no reason and it's causing you issues. The TIG finger is a great tool I have two of them myself and use them often. Back to you... Try whistling a tune to yourself as you weld in situations where you are jacked up and not comfortable. I have a saying about being a successful welder and it goes like this. I call it the three C's of welding.

    1st Comfort, You got to be comfortable to weld worth a **** no matter what process you happen to be doing

    2nd Confident, You have to be confident that YOU are the man for the job in front of you and it's a piece of cake!

    3rd and most important------------> Cocky !! That's right you need that little bit of cocky edge in your step and in your mental preparation!! That ....... **** YEA I'm the man!! I got this NO PROBLEM kind of mind set..

    I promise you after 30 plus years welding every time I forget either of these rules even I'll still screw up and have to whip out the grinder! After I examine what went wrong it's always in my own head and after a regrouping of my own rules to the craft the weld is done and done right! I've never met a welder that is successful that don't use these rules even if he's not aware he does. We are a breed apart from most all others and what we do can NOT be done by just anyone. It takes skill, pride, intelligence, and NO FEAR of things like being fractions of an inch from melted metal that you and only you are in complete control over whether it falls down your shirt and burns a hole all the way to China before you drag off enough clothing to get it off of yourself or not. Not everyone can deal with that and overhead is the place they fear this the most but it's no different than any other welding position when you are TIG welding. DON'T TRY IT SPRAYING though because being cocky there will end badly..LOL!!!!!!! Good Luck

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