Ok, here goes. I am servicing an IR VR-1044 and there is a crack in the bottom radius of the cast iron transfer case attached to the bottom of the transmission. It is the case where the two driveshafts meet. Anyways, they crack is more of an oil leak than a structural problem according to the powers that be. Basically I have a 6" crack running horizontally in the radius where the front vertical side meets the horizontal bottom side. I've done quite a few cast iron repairs and to be honest I usually prefer stainless rod over nickel rod unless it needs to be machined. I also normally am able to properly heat and cool the pieces. This one is different. First off, the case is on the machine so I'm out of position(not a big deal), second is the tranny had ATF in it (quite flammable), thirdly I can not remover it(refer to first problem) and lastly I DON'T WANT THIS THING TO LEAK. The tranny is drained and the rear bearing/yoke are out so the case is vented but I can't get in enough to clean it properly. What would you guys do? My thought is to use stainless or like a nickel 99 and do short 1" beads in a veed out crack. Low amps and short weld time. Let each cool a couple minutes in between with the help of a torch about 6-8 inches away. Dave PS- Thx in advance for any input.